Winn Speed Lock ViseKurt DovelockFastbackCarveSmartJ-LocSnap Jaws
Total Cost$660$1,120$1,519.65$1,356$1,177$940.50
Cost Saving by Purchasing a Winn Speed Lock Vise: $460$859.65$696$517$280.50
Hard JawsIncluded$100Not Available$350Not Available$115
Aluminum Soft JawsIncluded$43$97.50$29$90$44
Steel Soft JawsAvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available$150Available
Master JawsNone Required$2956″ Hydra Max $528$295$350None Required
(12) 1/2-13 Cap ScrewsIncludedSet of 8 Screws $45.20Set of 8 Screws $18.50
(12) Round NutsIncluded4 Washer Plates $68
Special WrenchNone RequiredNone Required$17.95None RequiredNone RequiredNone Required
Special Cutters To Make Spare JawsNone RequiredNiagara Dovetail $95Niagara T-Slot $176Niagara Dovetail $95Not PracticalNiagara Dovetail $176
Angle Lock ViseIncluded$587$587$587$587$587

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