Recently at Winn Speed Lock Vise we designed a set of covers to be used on the movable mounting block and the fixed mounting block to keep chips out of the slots where the round nuts and 1/2-13 socket head cap screws drop into. We have found that this has only been an issue when using the Winn Speed Lock Vise on a CNC Vertical or Horizontal machining center for medium to long production run jobs. But they go on and off easily enough that they can be used all of the time.

The stainless steel covers snap on and off quickly. There is a raised area on the side of the covers that is slightly smaller than the 6″ width of the mounting blocks, so they are just held on with a little spring tension from the flexing of the cover.

In the photos to the right, the top photo shows the cover for the fixed mounting block removed. The bottom photo shows both covers in place.

Winn speed lock vise cover 1

Winn speed lock vise cover 2