Sets of Round Nuts and Screws


1 set is 4 round nuts and 4 screws

The round nut and screw assembly is unique to the Winn Speed Lock 6″ vise. The 1018 steel round nut drops into the hole in the mounting blocks of the Speed Lock Vise to secure the vise jaws into the milling vise. The round nut assembly also allows the vise jaws to be flipped over, so they can be used either way. The round nut is 3/4″ in diameter and the length of bolt insures that it goes all the way through the round nut. This design feature means that the thread engagement of the vise jaw bolt is 1-1/2 times the diameter of the thread. This leads to longer life of the round nut and the 1/2-13 UNC grade 8 socket head caps screws.

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1,3,5 Sets of Round Nuts and Screws (1 set is 4 round nuts and 4 screws)

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1, 3, 5