7” Precision Aluminum Vise Jaws


The dimensions of these Aluminum Vise Jaws are 7″ long X 1-7/8 Tall and 1″ thick. There is a locating pin that seats to the side of the mounting block with spring tension from a spring loaded pin. This feature guarantees that the Locating Pin is always in contact with the side of the mounting block. These features give the jaw an accurate repeatability of .001 from one use to another. The mounting holes are counter-bored  for 1/2-13 UNC socket head cap screws. The hole to hole dimension is 3.875″, which is the same as most angle lock style 6″ vises. So the 7″ Precision Aluminum Vise Jaws can be used on other manufacturers 6″ vises. The height of the jaw being 1-7/8 means that the counter-bored hole is 15/16 from the bottom and the top of the jaw, which allows the jaw to be flipped over, so the each set of jaws can be used to make two sets of soft jaws.

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7″ Precision Aluminum Vise Jaw

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