The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise has been on the market since January of 2014. The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise includes a vise handle, one set of hardened vise jaws, one set of aluminum vise jaws and 12 sets of round nuts to holds the jaws to the vise.

A 6″ Vise Quality and Cost Comparison

We believe that the Winn 6″ Vise competes with the Kurt 6″ vise in features, quality and price. The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise is made in the USA. The body of the vise is made of ductile iron and the surface of the bed is flame hardened. We control the bed height of 2.875″ to +/-.0005 and all of the machined surfaces are square and parallel within +/-.0005. These features are critical in the longevity of a well made 6″ machine vise. These features and quality is how Kurt has established itself as the industry leader in workholding vises. At Winn Speed Lock we believe the features and quality of our 6″ vise are as good as the Kurt product, but with the added versatility of an integrated quick change vise jaw system. Our quick change vise jaw system lets you change vise jaws in 30 seconds.

From a price standpoint the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise is $660.00 and the cost of a Kurt 6″ vise is $587.00, but the Kurt 6″ vise only comes with a vise handle and set of hard jaws. Their cost for an aluminum set of vise jaws is $58.00. So if you add this cost in, their total price is $645.00. The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise is only $15.00 more for the same features and quality, but now you get a 6″ machine vise with an integrated quick change vise jaw system.

Winn Speedlock saves you $398 dollars compared to the Kurt Dovelock

If you decide that you want a quick change vise jaw system on a Kurt vise, you can buy their DoveLock system. The 6″ Steel Master Jaw set is $299.00, plus each set of aluminum jaws cost $43.00. To use the DoveLock system effectively you will need at 4 sets of jaws for a total cost of $172.00 plus the master jaw at $299.00 = $471.00 plus the vise at $587.00.  Now the total cost for a Kurt 6″ vise with a quick change jaw system is $1058.00. This is $398.00 more than the price of the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise system, plus with the Winn Speed Lock system you don’t need to buy special jaws from Kurt. Our system allows you to make your own jaws cheaply or purchase soft jaw blanks from any the many companies that supply them. Also any custom soft jaws that have already been machined that have a standard 3.875 hole to hole bolt pattern will fit on the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise by simply adding the Speed Lock round nuts.

Winn Speed Lock – An American made,  proven, cost effective 6″ vise

So in closing,  the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise is a made in the USA quality  product, that has the proven features to insure a long life in any machine shop and a Kurt 6″ Vise with the DoveLock system is 38% more expensive than the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise with the integrated quick change jaw system.