Winn Manufacturing Adds an A55 Leblond Makino CNC

Winn Manufacturing has added another piece of equipment to it’s varied group of CNC machinery. In July of this year we took delivery of a Model A55 Leblond Makino CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Horizontal Machining Center. This machine is classified as a 16″ cube machine with a two work station pallet changer. This machine will increase our production capacity. Winn Mfg. already has a CNC horizontal machining center and at this time the workload for the existing horizontal is at full capacity. This additional machine will allow us to take on more of this type of CNC machine work.

Making a Production Machining CNC “New” Again

This “new” machine was purchased from Downtime Rebuild in Woodlawn, Ohio. They are an authorized Leblond Makino rebuilder/service company. The A55 Winn Mfg. purchased was originally built in 1993. Downtime Rebuild purchased the machine and completely went through it. They repaired and replaced any mechanical and electronic components that were defective. When that was completed, they then realigned and tested the machine, bringing it back to its original specifications.

Moving the A55 CNC | Heavy Logistics

Moving a piece of machinery like this, that weighs over 17,000 pounds, requires skills and equipment that Winn Mfg and its people don’t have. They hired Rozell Industries from Queensbury to move the CNC machine. This required a 40 ton crane, 5 ton forktruck and four people to accomplish this task. Winn Mfg. needed to do some rearranging of their tooling storage area prior to the A55 coming and had been getting the machine shop ready for this additional CNC machine for about 2 weeks. Once Rozell’s people arrived with their rigging equipment, two other machines were moved to new places in the CNC machine shop, before the A55 was brought into the shop. Winn Mfg. has a limited amount of floor space and by adding this machine it is going to take a few weeks to get the shop completely organized again. Our goal is to have this CNC machine up and running by the end of July.

Winn Mfg. is a contract CNC machine shop that Steve Winn started 1995. The majority of their machinery is CNC equipment. They now have three CNC vertical machining centers of which two of them have work station pallet changers, three CNC turning centers (lathes) and now two CNC horizontal machining centers with work station pallet changers. Winn Mfg. employs four full time people and one part time person.