Winn Manufacturing Inc. has filed for a patent for our Winn Speed Lock Vise. The Patent Pending application # is 13/986,219 . The Patent Atty. is confident we will be issued a patent. The Winn Speed Lock Vise is a 6″ milling machine vise with an integrated quick change jaw system. I believe that we will have the only angle lock style vise on the market with this feature. There a quite a few quick change vise jaw systems that adapt onto an angle vise, but all of them have their limitations and take away features of the vise.

With the Winn Speed Lock Vise we use a set of round nuts and socket head cap screws that are attached to the vise jaws that drop into a keyhole design in the  mounting blocks of the vise. Then the screws are tighten about a half of a turn to lock the jaws into the vise. A set a vise jaws can be change in about 30 seconds.

Because our system uses the same hole pattern as the industry standard for angle lock vise. Any of a users existing custom vise jaws will fit into the Winn Speed Lock Vise.

Now that the patent is filed, we can begin manufacturing and selling the Winn Speed Lock Vise .