Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise unique features that separate it from the Kurt Vise

The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise has many of the same proven features as most of the well made vise on the market, such as Kurt, Teco, Wilton and Glacern. All have the Angle Lock Design that was developed by Kurt Manufacturing in the late 1950’s. Flame hardened bed slide for increased rigidity and long life. A needle thrust bearing for the clamping screw for smooth action when tightening the vise. They all use the standard hole pattern for the vise jaws that was established by Kurt Mfg.

Integrated Quick Change Vise Jaws Sets Winn Speedlock Apart From Kurt Vise

The feature that is different with the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise, is the integrated quick change vise jaw system, that allows the vise jaws to be changed in 30 seconds. The Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise uses the same Kurt hole pattern configuration and we supply a set of hardened vise jaws and set of aluminum vise jaws with each 6″ vise.

Flexible Vise Jaw Mounting Options

The Winn Speed Lock quick change system allows the user to mount the jaws on the inside AND the outside of the mounting blocks. Both the Kurt Dovelock and Carvesmart systems can only be used on the inside of the mounting blocks. With both of these systems the master jaws need to be removed when you need to use the vise to hold a large part the won’t fit into the inside opening of the vise.

The Speed Lock quick change vise jaw system solves the issues of quick systems that use master jaws by eliminating them. Solves the problem of using lowhead bolts and custom t-slotted jaws that Snap Jaw incorporates. Simply add the round nut assembly to the jaw bolts to lock the jaws in place.

At Winn Manufacturing we have been using the Speed Lock system for workholding on our vises for over 5 years. We began selling the Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise in January of 2014. Our customers have found the versatile Winn Speed Lock 6″ Vise to be rigid, repeatable and reliable.